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We Fix Laptop Issues; All Major Brands Including Macbook And Windows Laptop/Desktop Computers.

Get a free Diagnostic!. Award Winning Servcie Laptop Repair At All Zone Electronics Computers is with Fast Turnaround and Same Day Repairs, we repair all Hardware and Software Issues on all Leading Brands of Laptops at Affordable Prices Call 416-273-9020 to get a free quote. Our Expert technicians with over 20 years of Experience will repair all laptop problems including Power Issue, Booting Issue, Charging Issue, Battery Issue, Broken Screen or Broken Hinges Replacements, Liquid Damage and Motherboard Issues, Keyboard, DC Jack repair, Video card and Slow Performance Issues in no time.

We Repair All Types Of Laptop And Notebook Problems.

Most Common Laptop and Macbook Problems include:

  • No Display, No Power, Not Turning On
  • LCD Screen Broken, Dim or Not Working
  • Broken Laptop Hinges
  • Heating Issue, Low Battery Backup
  • Blue Screen of Death System Crashing
  • Slow Booting Laptop Performance
  • Data Corrupt, Data Backup
  • Virus and Spyware Problem, Slow Performance
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Motherboard Not Working
  • Keyboard Trackpad Not Working, Broken, Keys Broken
  • Hard Drive Problems
  • CD and DVD Drive Replacement
  • Ram, Memory & Graphics Damage or Upgrade
  • DC Power Jack Broken, Not Working
  • Liquid Damage, Water Damange

So if you are an laptop or macbook user and are having any kind of problem with your Laptop call today at 416-273-9020or visit All Zone Electronics Computers in Scarborough so that you can experience quality service at the fastest turnaround time.

What Is A Common Issue In Laptops?

Running Slow, Hinge Broken, Screen Broken, Bad Hard drive or No Power these are main issues but some other common issues in laptop like, Sound is not working, DVD ROM not working, Blurry Display, Laptop Freezing, Keyboard Stop Working, Few keys missing, Laptop not loading or booting, blue screen of death, bios issue, system locked, slow performance, ssd upgrade, Low memory error, liquid damage and many more issue related to power and software. Since the majority of people used their Laptop for work and kids use it for school work, we understand the priorities, that's why no one can beat our Quality work with low price at that quick repair in Scarborough. We mostly fix Laptop in 2-3 hours or in the same day, there is secret for it let me tell you, years of experience in repair we know in and out of laptop models include HP, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Thinkpad, IBM, Dell, Apple, Macbooks, Gateway, MDG, Hipstreet, Alienware while experience is one thing, we have all high-end equipment in shop for soldering, Air soldering station, BGA Machine, Bios Programmer, Ultrasonic and some other important tools, now after tools time to tell about parts, we carry almost all parts in stock, DC Jacks, LCD Screens include touch screens, LCD Cables, CPU cooling fans, LCD Cables for almost all brands, Dell Panels, Keyboards for laptops, webcams, Laptop Batteries and ofcourse laptop chargers these are common things. 

But if talk about repair parts/components we do carry all IC's/Chips in stock, newer models sometimes don't have it but we have a very good source of getting parts in case if we miss something, regulators, keyboard controller, IC's, BIOS Chips, MOSFETs, resistors, capacitors, Transistor p-Channel, N-Channel almost everything in stock. 

Your Laptop or Notebook! Any Make. Any Model. Any Problem. We'll Fix Just About Anything!

From most common problems such as broken screens to laptop parts to hardware and software issues, we can repair all makes and models of Laptops the same day you bring it in.

We will provide you with a free diagnosis, explain our diagnosis of the problem at hand and the steps we will take to fix the problem along with a free quote including procedures, faults, pricing and parts.

We understand your work is important and hence we aim to provide you with one of the fastest laptop repair service in Scarborough, Mississauga and Toronto.

Our Customers Say 'All Zone Electronics Computers Is The Best!' And You Will Say That Too Because:

We Offer Laptop Repair Services with Quick Turnaround and Minimum Waiting Time: 
At All Zone Electronics Computers we work on short deadlines. Our Qualified and Experienced Technicians and State of the Art Repair Facility enable us to meet your Turn Around Time expectations. We ensure that you get back to work fast.

We Offer Laptop Repair Services at Affordable and most Competitive Prices:
With us you save up to 80% on repair as compared to the authorized service centers and at least 30% - 40% from other competitor stores. Besides we keep a strong check on Quality. There's no point in paying less for bad quality and then regretting a bad decision. We provide you with quality products and very reasonable rates.

Your Laptop And Data Is Secure With Us!

We understand the importance of customer data and its confidentiality. With us you can be rest assured that your Computer is secured and in safe hands.

We Offer Vast Product Range In Laptops And Accessories:

Our vast product range of Laptops, Parts and Accessories can help you complete all your Laptop needs. Screens, Ram Memories, Hard Drives, SSD Drives, Motherboards, Graphic Cards, RAMs, Cooling Fans, DVD ROMs, Headphones, Speakers, Mouse, Trackpads, Keyboards, Cables, Batteries, Chargers, Cases, Laptop Bags etc. You Name it! We got it! All under one roof!  Do drop in to check out our stock!

Laptop Care Tips: We offer useful tips and tricks to get the maximum out of your Laptop. 
Small suggestions and practices can increase the life cycle and performance of your computer and laptop significantly.

Troubleshoot Problems Yourself: We share a Troubleshooting list of minor everyday laptop problems that you can use easily and manage your computers better!

Laptop Screen Repair And Replacement

In case of any crack or damage to the Laptop LCD screen, it is advised to replace it with a new high quality screen from our service centre. Our fair pricing and unmatched service quality makes us the best in the business throughout Scarborough, Mississauga and Toronto GTA.

Laptop Motherboard Repair And Replacement

Whether your Laptop logic board, mother board requires complex chip level repairing or component level repairing, our team of highly trained & experienced engineers will do it all for you. We are amongst the few certified experienced technicians in Scarborough and the rest of GTA to provide a complete mother board level repairing solution for your all brands of laptops and notepads.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We carry out the complete keyboard repair/replacement at our service centre for your all brands of laptops and notebooks including Apple Macbook, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo etc with utmost care and efficiency. Our high quality components will give you an original product like experience.

Laptop Hard Disk Repair/Replacement And Upgrades

Hard Disk Failures can be Heart Breaking as all our important and personal data stays on it. Our experts will take care of all the problems related to your Laptop hard disk. Whether it is a booting problem or operational problem, our engineers are skilled to repair all problems on it. We also recover data and back it up for you. So if your Hard Drive has a problem simply bring it to All Zone Electronics Computers and we will resolve the issue for you.

Laptop Memory Replacement And Upgrades

Your laptop can have memory ram failure or you may just need to increase your laptop memory, ram,  no need to worry, simply bring it to us & our service executives will be delighted to solve your problems.

Laptop Optical Drive Replacement

If your optical drive cannot read CD-R/RW media or any disc at all, our experts will eradicate the problems for your Laptop. We carry out the optical drive repair/replacement with utmost efficiency and care for all Laptops. We have many quality options in stock for you to choose from and at reasonable prices.

Laptop Power Jack Replacement/Repair

You are not able to start your Laptop? Your laptop is shutting down? Your laptop is restarting again and again? It can happen due to a broken Power Jack. Our experts will identify the problem and rectify the same at very affordable prices.

Laptop Inverter Repair/Replacement

We repair / replace the Laptop inverter as per the specific requirement depending upon case to case basis. Our fair pricing and fair evaluation makes us the best in the business.

Laptop Broken Hinge

Our service engineers will carefully remove your broken hinges from your laptop and replace it with high quality ones. Your laptop hinges will work as good as new! Guaranteed!

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